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EPS Canada - Bob Nigol

Robert (Bob) Nigol, B.A., M.A.

Bob Nigol is an experienced manager and structured settlement consultant.

Bob has a Master’s degree in Policy Studies, specifically in the area of Insurance Law and Finance.

He has authored or co-authored scores of well-researched papers and articles that have been published on a variety of topics related to insurance law and finance policy and structured settlements.

Bob has a very keen interest in giving back through his many philanthropic interests. He is, for example, presently the Board Chair of both Spinal Cord Injury Ontario and Parasport Ontario.

He believes strongly in structured settlements: “I can think of no better way by which to protect the financial interests of those made vulnerable by injury, catastrophic or otherwise. Structured settlements offer the benefit of a guaranteed and tax-free income that is entirely creditor-proof, and represents the best way by which to protect an entitlement to government support programs like the “Ontario Disability Support Program” and British Columbia’s “Disability Assistance.”

Managing Partner
tel: (289) 769-3480 x3650
toll free: (877) 819-8960

EPS Canada - Structured Settlements

Gifty Obeng, B.Sc., M.Sc., M.A.

Gifty Obeng is an Actuarial Analyst, and she is an active participant in the company’s back office operations.

Gifty has a Bachelor of Science in Statistics, a Master of Science in Mathematical Science and Master of Arts in Economics.

Like Parm, Gifty very much believes in structured settlements: “I also believe that those with normal work life expectancies can well afford to take on market risk. If they lose, they will just work harder or longer. However, those without a work life expectancy are very different; if they lose, they are liable to rely on social assistance, which is something no person would want.”

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