Structured Settlements For Personal Injury Claims in Canada

Injured Persons

Structured settlements offer much more than the incentive of tax-free income for injured persons.

Structured Settlements Services For Lawyers in Canada


Structured settlements offer protection not only to the injured client, but also to his or her counsel.

Structured Settlement Services For Claims Professionals in Canada

Claims Professionals

Structured settlements can contribute significantly to the process of claims evaluation and negotiation.

Structured Settlement Services in Canada

EPS Settlements Group of Canada (“EPSC”) is, again, a constituent part of one of the best, oldest, largest and only international structured settlements company or organization in North America. EPSC offers a full range of structured settlement services, free-of-charge, to all those who ask, including:

  • Pre-settlement evaluative reporting and consulting
  • In-person, real-time evaluative/illustrative support (at settlement meetings, mediations, etc.)
  • Expert evidence (at arbitrations/trials)
  • Post-settlement structured settlement consulting and brokerage
  • Closing documentation support
  • A formal brokerage and service guarantee in the form of our Certificate of Assurance
  • A variety of educational seminars

These structured settlement services are provided to both sides of the bar, on a non-partisan basis, ultimately with the intention of providing “security in the midst of uncertainty” to society’s most vulnerable; namely, those who have suffered catastrophic injury such as quadriplegia, paraplegia, traumatic brain injury, amputation, and the like.

EPS Settlements Group of Canada is licensed and contracted with all life insurance companies producing structured settlements in Canada. The company’s brokerage department is equipped to efficiently conduct final brokerage on a full spectrum, split basis, thereby invariably ensuring the best structure income yield/cost possible at any given time. As evidence of this, the company offers a Certificate of Assurance, which, among other things, guarantees the ability to match or better any other brokerage result obtainable under market circumstances at the time of final brokerage.

We provide support in the preparation of closing documentation that includes a complete, up-to-date precedent library, stepwise instruction on preparation and, in the end, formal written confirmation that all closing documentation reviewed is compliant with the requirements of Canada Revenue Agency for structured settlements. Ultimately, each and every structured settlement contract produced is accompanied by the EPSC Certificate of Assurance.

EPS Settlements Group of Canada also offers expert and fast pre-settlement claim valuation services in the form of analytical/evaluative reports, which are provided, like all of the services offered by the company, without charge and without regard to whether a structured settlement is likely to result from a particular case.

Our consulting staff are available to provide quantitative support to those attending settlement meetings, mediations and the like. Again, this is available to any and all that request it on a non-partisan and confidential basis, free of charge and without regard to whether a structured settlement is likely to result from a particular case.

Finally, EPSC offers a variety of original and practical educational seminars aimed at the specific needs of various practitioners and claims personnel. For more information in reference to these, please feel free to contact:

Robert (Bob) Nigol
Tel: (289) 442-7834
Toll Free: (877) 819-8960

Joe Pileggi
Tel: (647) 896-4907
Toll Free: (877) 819-8960