Claims Professionals

Why structured settlements? Structured settlements can contribute significantly to the process of claims evaluation and negotiation.

There are many reasons why structured settlements are in the enlightened self-interest of the casualty insurer (e.g., the elimination of gross up, the containment of damages within limits, etc.). And beyond that there is the indisputable altruistic argument that structured settlements are simply the “right thing to do,” in that they protect the vulnerable, particularly the catastrophically injured (e.g., those with quadriplegia, paraplegia, traumatic brain injury, amputation, and the like), from the premature dissipation of compensatory damages.

However, to better understand how the use of structured settlements might translate into “win-win” negotiations, we encourage claims professionals and lawyers from both sides of the bar to contact us in reference to our publication entitled Claims Evaluation, Negotiation and the Role of Structured Settlements.