Learn More About Structured Settlements in Canada
Structured Settlements for Injury Persons in Canada

Injured Persons

Structured settlements offer much more than the incentive of tax-free income for injured persons.

Structured Settlement Firms for Lawyers in Canada


Structured settlements offer protection not only to the injured client, but also to his or her counsel.

Structured Settlements Firms for Claims Professionals in Canada

Claims Professionals

Structured settlements can contribute significantly to the process of claims evaluation and negotiation.

Structured Settlements

EPS Settlements Group of Canada aims to facilitate co-operation and relieve hardship through the delivery of financial security. EPS Settlements Group of Canada offers a full range of structured settlement services, free-of-charge, to all those who ask, including:

  • Pre-settlement evaluative reporting and consulting
  • In-person, real-time evaluative/illustrative support
  • Expert evidence
  • Post-settlement structured settlement consulting and brokerage
  • Closing documentation support
  • A formal brokerage and service guarantee in the form of our Certificate of Assurance
  • A variety of educational seminars

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